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    Jbl J2050


    I picked up a pair of JBL J2050's at Goodwill the other day. I figured they were o.k. speakers, certainly good quality stuff to be found at the Goodwill. At $4.50 each, how can I resist?

    One is nearly mint, the other must have gotten wet on the bottom. The particle board (not MDF) swelled and gapped the 45 degree corner joint. It looks much worse that it is. Cheap construction, however. Also, the owner stapled the wires to the back of the cabinets. How dumb.

    What is the story with these? I assume they are a fairly late-model product that was cost-reduced and banks on the JBL name. On the other hand, they really sound pretty good.

    I think they have two fairly good drivers in there, a tweeter and a mid-bass. The tweeter is a metalized dome and the mid-bass is a coated textile surround. Interesting. Where they blew the design was how they ported it in order to get extension, too much upper bass resulting in a muddy sound. If I stuff the port, I get a much more detailed sound. With a sub or as part of a 3-way, these would not be bad at all.

    I'm probably going to epoxy fill the gap and holes, sand, and refinish in a black stain. I'll probably permanently dampen the ports 'cuz I am just that way.



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    Great score, I own j2080's, and they don't sound to bad. The j series came out
    in the early/mid 90's, and never read a bad review, but they had stiff competion,
    bookself speakers were becoming the rage around that time. Also jbl failed to market
    them very well. $4 bucks and change is a deal. Try them in a vintage rig, or as
    main speakers. Good luck

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