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    Question JBL J-Series (particularly J900mv and J1000mv Towers)

    Has anyone ever seen these speakers? When I was in high school (in 1999), I had an NAD C340 (integrated amp) and C520 (cd-player) hooked up to a pair of tower jbl speakers, model J900MV. They were about 3 feet tall, 3-way speakers, with an 8 inch bass driver, 6 1/2" mid range, and a dome tweeter (if I recall correctly). Well when I started college, I had to sell the entire rig, even though I LOVED my stereo rig.

    Well, now it's time to get my stereo back. I just snagged an NAD T750 surround receiver off eBay, and I even found the exact same model (J900MV) speakers I once loved. However, I just found out that there was also a JBL J1000MV model, which was the biggest of the J-series speakers, with a 10" bass woofer, instead of the 8" in my model.

    My question:

    Has anybody ever seen these, and does anybody know where I might find these? If anyone out there has the J1000MV model towers, I would LOVE to purchase them. I have searched the web over, and j1000mv alone brings up less than 15 results on google, all either linking to the product manual on or to some japanese site I can't read.

    Are these speakers THAT rare? I know I've only seen the J900mv towers twice, the first time I bought them off ebay, and this time, I'm buying them again. But...I WANT the J1000mv. Anybody know anything?

    PS: Sorry if I sound like a newbie, but I've been into the audio scene for about 8 years now. I know I can get a lot better speakers, but I just really like the sound of these speakers, personally. On top of that, they were the first tower speakers I ever bought, so they kinda mean something to me.

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    I suggest you post your question over at

    I love all the information I get here but when it comes to any kind of vintage gear, those guys know everything.

    Good luck. (My main speakers are JBL 4311 studio monitors so I know how good those old JBL's can sound.)

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    Unfortunately, they were not stellar products for JBL

    However, check out Energy's new C series. I think you may find it more of what you want. That series of JBL speakers was meant to be sold by mass merchandisers and department stores.

    If you kind of like the scooped out midrange of the older JBLs, check out Paradigm, they have kind of taken over their old spot.

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