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Thread: Isnt this true?

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    Isnt this true?

    Isnt this info true??

    JBL Studio Series

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpankingVanillaice
    Isnt this info true??

    JBL Studio Series
    What info? The sales pitch from '99?


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    Its just a sales pitch. I dont get it.

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    JBL says their own speakers are really good - shocking.

    I thought somewhere along the way in high school they teach people in Social Stuies courses to examine some of the internet resources they are looking at and see if someone else publishes the articles or have some corrobaratory agreement.

    JBL = Junk But Loud.

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    Heheh thats funny. That what it sounds like to me, in the home audio at least.
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    Dang, and I thought Bose was bad about desperately trying to convice people that their speakers sound good.

    JBL is worse than I thought, how sad...considering how good their stuff was in the 60's.

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    It's as true as a five year old press release from their in house PR staff can be.

    Why would they say anything bad about their own product?

    ...which reminds me of a line from "Me and my Uncle"* which goes "I'm as honest as a gamblin' man can be"

    *Grateful Dead, Skull & Roses live album.
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