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    I know this is a shot in the dark...

    ...but does anyone here know much about car audio? It's been so long sense the last time I bought anything for a car that I'm completely out of the loop. My wife's car needs a speaker upgrade. She has an ok CD player/tuner. It's a Pioneer DEH-1400. Her speakers though! Yuck, they are the ones that came from the factory. I pulled them out yesterday. They look like $4.00 speakers. I looked on PE's website and found what look like a couple of nice replacements that are the right size. But I don't know anything about these MA Audio speakers. Does anyone know anything about them or their quality? The two I'm looking at are the MA6529 6-1/2" Thin-Mount Coaxial and the MA6929 6"x9" Thin-Mount Coaxial. They don't need to be fantastic as she's no audiophile. It would be nice if they are fairly good though. I don't want to go through this and end up with something that's no better.
    So, who knows what about these? Are they the KLH of the car audio world? any other recomendations in this same price range? They do need to be thin mounts as she has very little room in the doors & deck.
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    Hello GMichael! Welcome to AR. Hope you enjoy your stay here. Now check out the Car Audio Forums! Lol.

    Sorry I had to get you back for misspelling my name in the poll

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    I've got an okay amount of car audio experience. I get a new car every two or three years and the one I just got is the first I haven't put my own system in. I was totally befuddled just by trying to find a pass through the firewall Now I have a shelf of unused amps, head units, and speakers in my garage. Oh well.

    I don't know about MA, but I will say that IME car audio speakers are very price sensitive. More so then home audio. IOW, every time I bought a pair of 6.5 coaxials for less than $100, I was always disappointed. I really would stick with the Bostons and Alpines of the world, unfortunately those will set you back $120-200 per pair. The only bargain I ever found were the JBL GTO series. But still $100 and $120 for fronts and rears, respectively.

    The only bright spot is that you can often find clearance specials. For example, the JBL changes every couple years, so I got a set back in the 90's for half off. Same will happen with Infinity and Polk. Boston and Alpine seem to be more price stable.

    Happy hunting.
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    Sell your wifes car and buy her a Lexus with a Mark Levinson system.

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