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    I just saw my dream sub

    Velodyne has a new sub. This thing packs a 12 incher and an 18 incher. They say the 12 incher is just for the upper bass. Just the upper bass. Most people have a 12 or smaller for all the bass. This beast ways almost 400 pounds. It has a 1250 watt rms amp for the 12 and ditto for the 18. 2500 glorious watts rms. Im babbling and I forgot to mention the name, DD 1812. What in the hell do I have to sell to get this. I'm going to have to bribe the wife. Maybe I will paint the outside of the house and oh ya, install that new lamenet flooring, and I almost forgot, new counter tops.

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    I just saw it too!

    It's reviewed in the September issue of Sound & Vision. I think you'll have to do more than paint the house if you want this puppy though. @ $15,000 that's a lot of eggrolls. Not to mention all the extra bracing you'll have to install if you don't want to have structural damage to your house!
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