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    I am back!!! Old Tannoy drivers...

    Hi guys,
    Long time without post. I still have my old speakers...Paradigm Studio 100 V2, B&W DM 602 S2 and Monitor Audio Silver S2. Anyway, I have always wanted to own a pair of dual concentric tannoy speakers. Some days ago, I listened to a pair of 12" monitor gold from 1971, Waoooo!!!!!!. Tannoy knows how to build an speaker.. I believe any Tannoy driver from 1965 to 1980 sound better than what we have today. I don't know if Tannoy still keep the same quality than before, but anyway, I am inspired to get some pair. Those dual concentric drivers sound better than many speakers. I would like to compare a pair of Tannoy 8" monitors with my B&W 602, I believe the Tannoy gonna be better. I love some vintages, specially, Sansui amplifiers and Tannoy speakers.

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    One of the local shops deals Tannoy and yes, they still make excellent speakers. Of course, you must pay for this excellence. They have a couple of bookshelf models that really kill.

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