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    Which HT speakers for Yamaha RX-V630?

    Hello everyone...

    Been reading the reviews on this site for years but this is my first time posting.

    I'm on a limited budget, but trying to do my best to set up a "decent" HT system. I just replaced my old H/K AVR40 with a Yamaha RX-V630 (on clearance for $199).

    Now I'm looking to get some fronts and a center. My budget is $500 or less.

    I've been thinking about the Wharfedale Diamond series...any thoughts? The 8.3s are $350/pr. Is the RX-V630 too weak to power the 8.3s or 8.4s?

    I'm also looking for a sub...again, not a stellar budget to work with here. Anything in the sub-$300 price range?

    My "listening room" is a ghastly large living room with high ceilings. Also like to listen to rock/classic rock/electronic.

    Thanks for all your help.

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    First of all, the receiver should work fine with whatever speakers you get.

    What are the dimensions of the room?

    You have $800 to work with for main speakers, the center, and a sub. If you go used you can save money. One advantage you have already is having an extra receiver to power a passive subwoofer, such as a used SVS CS series subwoofer. A rough idea of cost is anything from $275 - $350 for one. Look around here,, or over at for one.

    The 8.3s would work for you but be sure you like the sound. has them for $350 a pair delivered. The 8.4s are out of your price range right now at close to $250 each. May want to look for used speakers here or even consider bookshelf ones, such as ones from Ascend Acoustics, Axiom Audio, or Onix for starters.

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    Do you think it's a better idea to get the Wharfedale 8.3s and a sub or go for the 8.4s and get the sub at a later date?

    I also found this deal:
    A pair of 8.3s with a free WH-2 center channel for $350 shipped.

    Thanks for the ideas. I'll try to audition some speakers this weekend.

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