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    Question How to paint/tint a Fluance speaker darker color??

    Hi Folks -- I could really use some help.

    I just recieved the Fluance SV-10 speakers and they are just too light colored for our living room.

    I have been told by Fluance that those speaker enclosures are vinyl.

    How can I tint or paint over the vinyl with a darker color or tint?

    Thanks for any input!

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    you might be able to put some primer on it and spraypaint it... or just buy some vinyl with the tint you need and recover them.
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    Thx Audio_dude....
    but, easier said than done, I think.

    "might be able to".... scares me a bit.

    Isnt there someone who has done this before... staining a vinyl speaker?

    (My guess, probably not)

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    Vinyl is plastic, accordinly you can't stain it. Here, cover them:
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    Big, big thanks!

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    Well, I have a thought...

    1. if you just got them and you are unsatisfied than return them or see if they are available in a darker color.

    2. if not, then look at another manufacturer that can match the color you wish to have as well as the sound you want.

    3. if you don't want to do that than whip out some spray paint and go to town.

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    Man... I took a look at those last links...


    Isnt it amazing how incredibly durable (penetrating) those chemical paints are...
    REALLY scary. That paint will withstand a nuke attack! ;-)

    In all seriousness, thanks folks...
    I really appreciate the input and will be changing the SV-10 color next week!

    Funny how completely "irrelevant" the tips were away from this forum.

    Came here and blammo, excellent advice. THx

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    Here's another thought: several stain manufacturers (Minwax and Varithane come to mind) make a combination of stain and urathane. The urathane would have no trouble sticking to the vinyl, and the stain would allow you to maintain a wood-grained look. If the first coat doesn't get you to the color that you are looking for, then layer on additional coats until you get the desired result. Keep in mind, the more coats you apply, the less you will see of the vinyl wrap color, and the more you will see of the urathane-stain color. In addition, layering on the urathane (about 2 mils per dry coat) should help dampen cabinet resonances (in theory... never tried it). It will also give you an extremely washable and durable surface.

    Good Luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by newzsom
    Funny how completely "irrelevant" the tips were away from this forum.

    Came here and blammo, excellent advice. THx
    You mean, like:
    Try wearing sunglasses.
    ...? I was tempted to, but I restrained myself. Glad you got some good advice.
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    how do they sound and to what are you comparing ?

    I was looking at these a wile ago, but ended up going a different route for my parents ht, but would still like to know how they perform

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dusty Chalk
    Try wearing sunglasses.


    If you wear regular glasses, you could apply some automotive window tint....

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