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    North Carolina

    How many different brand of speakers do u own?

    I just purchased a new pair of speakers. This makes quite a few various brands. Although, i love my Revel's it just seems more fun to listen to or look at different brands.

    Interesting how each has its unique sound and design.

    Here is my list, list yours with comments.

    1 pair Revel F30 floorstanders (awesome sound a build quality)
    1 pair Polk RT15i (love the white color and solid build. Power port is cool design)
    1 pair Infinity Primus 150 (excellent sound)
    1 pair of KLH SS02 (don't laugh, they fit my bedroom cabinet and sound better than built- in tv speakers)
    1 pair Wharfedale Diamond 8.1 (just bought them online...can't wait to hear them)
    1 Definitive Tech. 15" sub (this baby slams)
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    1 pair Klipsch Kg4
    2 pair Klipsch RS 3
    1 pair Klipsch 1.2
    1 pair Klipsch 1.3
    1 set Klipsch GMX D5.1
    1 pair Legacy Focus
    1 pair Legacy Gallery
    2 pair Legacy In-walls
    2 pair Blue Room Mini-Pods
    5 Radio Shack LX-5
    1 pair T&A P-30 3-way
    1 pair Boston Acoustic HD-8
    1 pair Advent in/outdoor Marble?
    1 ACI Saturn sub
    1 Klipsch SW8 sub

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    North Carolina
    Kfalls, where do you a castle? wow, that is quite a list...what impresses me is the fact you can recall all the models.

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    I currently have three home theaters setup in my home. The living room system has the Legacy Focus(mains)/SilverScreen(center)/T&A P-30(rears). The bedroom has the Klipsch' and my son has the Radio Shack LX-5s. The two subs are with the Klipsch system as well as a pair of stands I use to change out different pairs for 2-channel listening. I also have a study where I keep extra gear. The Legacy in-walls are for future use and the Advents and Legacy outdoor speakers are in the garage and on the patio. The GMX-D5.1 of course is on the computer. I'm fortunate I have a wife who is into good sound, but she's starting to set limits. Of course when my son finishes college and moves out I'll have another room and will probably have a dedicated home theater or setup a 2-channel reference system.

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    Long Island, NY
    Hi. My list is not very long, but here it is:

    1 pair of Mirage M-290 bookshelf speakers
    1 pair of Polk Monitor 4A speakers ( yes, they actually did survive my college days)
    2 pairs of Cambridge Soundworks Newton M80's
    1 Athena Technologies AS-P300 sub


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    THC no THD!
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    Indianapolis, Indiana

    10 Infinitys

    I use Infinity Beta 50's for my fronts, Alpha 50's for my surrounds, and one of their 12 inch subs for my main system and an Alpha Center, my second utilizes my old Primus 360's and a couple Alpha 40's. Love Infinity...
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    Anywhere but here...
    2 Infinity Primus 360 towers
    4 Infinity Primus 150 bookshelf
    1 Infinity PS12 sub
    2 JBL E10 bookshelf
    2 Pioneer project 100A
    4 home built speakers made from 1" MDF, 2 include, 1 - 8" woofer (45 htz to 2k), 1.5 inch soft dome mid (500 to 10k), 1" inverted dome tweeter (2k - 20k) & a super tweeter (10k - 40k), 36" tall by 12" wide by 14" deep. 2 - 2" x 9" tuned ports (tuned about 40 htz). Crossover points - 1k & 6K. (6 ohm)
    The other 2 home bulit speakers are in sealed boxes, 36" tall by 16" wide by 14" deep. Each has 1 - 12" woofer (38 htz - 1.5K), 1 6.5" midwoofer (55 htz - 5k), Titanium tweeter (2k - 25k). Crossovers at 375 and 3k. ( 5.5 ohm).
    WARNING! - The Surgeon General has determined that, time spent listening to music is not deducted from one's lifespan.

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    Here's mine

    Ironically, I have very little at my own house. I tend to lend everything out to friends and family after I get tired of it. Anyhow:

    - Pair Polk RT600i (still some of the best bass extension in a budget speaker)
    - Pair Polk RTi38 (another winner, bought used)
    - Single Polk CS245i (bought new at CC to complete a 5.1 set)
    - Pair Polk Monitor 60 (incredible high's and mids, but fatiguing towers)
    - Pair Aperion 522D (great sound, build, & service for an online co.)
    - Pair Klipsch RB5-II (horned tweeters are phenominal)
    - Pair KLH 911B (cost me $15, and don't sound like much more, but functional)
    - Pair Axiom M50ti (excellent towers, not as impressive as the M80's, but almost)
    - Pair Axiom M22ti (the best low-budget bookshelf, period, now used as fronts)
    - Pair Axiom M3ti (rears)
    - Pair Axiom QS4 (surrounds)
    - Single Axiom VP150 (high-quality center, big & powerful)
    - Single SVS 16-46pci (shakes the neighbor's pool water; a monster; need I say more?)
    - Single DefTech ProSub80 (excellent deep-digging 25Hz sub for 3 bills)
    - Single Monitor Audio ASW110 (another phenominal sub, very musical and blendable)
    - Pair MB Quart QL-S830 (hard 2 drive towers w/ phenominal mids, highs, spacialization)
    - Pair Pioneer 821? (garage)
    - Pair PartsExpress / Dayton speaker building kit (not yet built)
    - Kenwood speakers (part of a shelf system)
    - Pair Phillips 3-way floor standers (they were very good 20 yrs. ago)
    - Pair Yamaha towers (also have horns, but not anywhere near the Klipsch horns)
    - Pair Yamaha bookshelves (marginal 3-way speakers from 10 yrs. ago)

    Wow, it sure looks like a lot now - and I kept all the boxes too! There are really only a few speakers from this list that I really would want to keep. It's a good thing most of these are elsewhere....
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    Different Brands?

    1) B&W
    2) Von Schweikert
    3) Mission
    4) Def Tech
    5) Cambridge Soundworks
    6) Sony/Kenwood mutant thingie (for the garage)

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    Department of Heuristics and Research on Material Applications
    I'll stick with brands but 1/2 of my speakers are home-brewed now.

    Bic America (extensively modded by EFE Technology and myself though)

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    It's just a hobby
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    London, UK
    I currently own

    Cyrus Icon X5 spec
    ELAC 301 Sub
    ELAC 310iJET
    TDK S80 NXT

    in the past owned and sold

    Audio Note K/LX
    Kef Q35.2
    Kef Coda 90
    Wharfedale Diamond 8.2
    Sonus Faber Concerto Home
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    Red face Hmm rugged question...

    Let me see if I can jog my memory...

    1 Pair of RAM Studio Monitors
    1 Pair of Logik Nearfield Monitors
    1 Pair of Allison 4s.
    1 Pair of Epicure 14's
    1 Pair of Epicure 5's
    1 Pair Epicure 20+s
    1 Pair of Epi 201s
    I Pair Ohm Walsh 2's
    1 Pair Ohm Walsh 4's
    1 Pair Ohm Walsh F's (Ver. 2)
    1 Pair Platinum Audio Studio 3's
    1 Pair Platinum Audio Studio 1's
    1 Pair Klpisch KG-2's
    1 Klipsch C-7 Center
    Serveral BIC America speakers
    Two HSU subs.

    Whew.... more'n I thought...

    Da Worfster

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    A short short list - I'm just getting into the wonderful world of audio - but I thought I'd list since nobody has what I have in this thread (if I didn't accidentally skip over anything)

    Pair Epos ES-11
    Pair Polk Monitor 10a from the late 70s

    Now I need to get a sub! If anyone can direct me to a thread that lists the most affordable and most musical subs out there today, I'd greatly appreciate it!!!!! The Epos speakers are real smooth, but of couse, since they are small monitors, they are lacking in the lower frequency range.

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    Audio Note AN J/Spe
    Wharfdale Vanguards (since 1991)

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    OK, I'm game ...

    Though I'm a long way from the record holder, obviously!
    • Magneplanar MG 1.6QR, pair -- great: genuine high-end at a bargain price
    • B&W DM7, pair -- really ancient, and really, really bad
    • Paradigm MiniMonitor, (version 3, I think), pair -- rather mediocrity: skimpy bass, colored midrange
    • Paradigm Atoms, (ver.2 or 3), pair -- pretty good for the price
    • Boston Acoustics A60, pair -- old, mediocre small speaker; worse than that MiniMonitor
    • Radio Shack Minimus 7, pair --
    • PSB Subsonic 6, subwoofer -- pretty good 12" woofer and a hugh bargain
    • Quest 8, subwoofer -- cheapo
    • Quest 8 Mk.II, subwoofer -- cheapo II

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    Still Have Them All

    Home Theater System
    1. Paradigm - Monitor 9's (Mains)
    2. Paradigm - CC-370 (Center)
    3. Paradigm - Mini Monitors (Surrounds)
    4. Mirage - BPS-400 (Sub)

    Family Room
    5. Paradigm - Atoms

    6. Radio Shack - Nova 8's

    Outdoor Patio
    7. Sansui - SS-507

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    NW Ohio
    Here is my list:

    Klipsch RF-7 (Cherry finish) Front
    Klipsch RC-7 (Cherry Finish) Center
    Klipsch RS-7 (Black Finish) Surround
    Klipsch RB-75 (Cherry Finish) BacK Surround
    (2) Velodyne HGS-18 Subs Subwoofer

    All Klipsch are driven by an Adcom GFA-7807 Multichannel amp

    I also have a pair of Realistic Mach 1's in near mint shape from 1977
    they are boxed up in storage till i figure out what to do with them.
    I may get another 2 channel amp and use them in my office for computer speakers ROTFLMAO

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    Lower AL
    1 pair NHT SuperOne xu in white (with mounting brackets)
    1 pair NHT SuperOne high gloss black
    1 pair Acoustic Energy Aegis Ones in cherry
    Velodyne CT120 sub

    I'm long overdue for a move out of the $300 price bracket.

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    Apr 2004
    Fairfax, VA
    For descriptions of most of my components, just see my signature... But I have 3 brands:

    Def. Tech for my office at work

    At home I use Tyler Acoustics and ACI

    Integra DHC-40.2 Pre/Pro
    Coda 2 X 200 Watt Amp
    Rotel RB-985 5 X 100 Watt Amp
    2 Tyler Acoustics 2 Piece Linbrook Signature System
    1 Tyler Linbrook Signature Center Channel
    3 Tyler Taylo Reference Monitors
    1 ACI Titan II Sub
    Toshiba HD-A1 HD DVD
    Panasonic BDT-210 + 350 Blu-ray
    Consonance Droplet CDP-5.0
    Sony 55NX-810 1080p 3D-LED HDTV

    Opera Audio Consonance CD-120
    Jolida 1301A 2 X 30 Watt Int. Amp (Sovtek Tubes)
    Opera Audio Consonance Eric-1 Speakers

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    I own 3 brands of speakers.

    1. Apogee Acoustics
    2. VMPS
    3. Magnepan
    Lots of music but not enough time for it all

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    Long Island, New York

    Well, I made some room...

    and got rid of a few pair.

    I found my Boston A-150s and the Snell Js at garage sales - $10 and $20, respectively. Both of these were very respected in their day, and I had great memories of these 25 years ago. Unfortunately, the wallet (front pocket, anyway) wasn't deep enough at the time... I did end up with the A-70s which, if memory serves, were great.

    Well, the second time around these didn't live up to expectations. Actually, both were pretty bad! They took up a lot of real estate, so I sold to friends. Compared to what they were using, both are good.

    I also ditched my 'ole Paradigm Titans... don't need those, either.

    I'm now down to my Revel M20s (and a REL), a pair of Studio 60s, v2, and my Dayton BR1 kit. The M20s may not be my last speaker, but I'll always have them.

    The Paradigms might be traded for something smaller - after all, it's for light bedroom duty.

    Hhmmm... I could simply use the Dayton kit - very good for the money...

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    Well, this may get some laughs, but here goes:

    --Boston Acoustic A60s (great for my dorm room 15 years ago--not so great now in my LR)
    --Bang & Olufsen Beovox 75 on stands (old and tired, but for $25 at a yard sale not bad)
    --Advent Infinity bookshelf (muddy and painful to listen to)

    So, I've decided to upgrade, starting with the Paradigm Reference Studio 20s. Maybe add a couple of Atoms for the rear and DR.

    Any other good ideas out there? I've got $1,000k to spend and can't wait to get some quality equipmnent.

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    Well for $600.00US a pair I would look at the Audio Note AX Two 90db sensitive and very easy to drive -- the best standmounts I've heard under $1k. Harder to find than the Studio 20 but if you can try and do a side by side comparison -- it'll be worth your time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarheel_
    How many different brand of speakers do u own?
    Main : Sound Lab U-1s
    Vintage: Double New Advents
    Office: Monsoon MM-700
    5.1 HT: Polk RT-35i mains / CSi-3 center, Radio Shack Minimus 7 rears, (2) Eosone powered 12" subs
    2.1 HT: KLH 20s, Eosone powered 12" sub


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    Stereo room, Mirage M5si, Velodyne ULD12 sub
    Theater room #1, Atlantic Tech 350 fronts, center, and rears, 2 VTF-2's subs
    Theater room #2, Axiom M3si, Dayton 300-632 10" 100 watt sub

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