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    Talking How low can you go? HELP?

    Help me pick the right sub-
    Pick from the list and tell me why it is
    your choice. My budget is under $600
    If you have another you like. I will consider it as well.

    a) HSU STF-3
    b) HSU VTF-2 MK2
    c) OUTLAW LFM-1

    I want a very "musical" sub since I will be listening to music
    mostly and only movies occasionally. Tightness is more important
    than total depth in low frequencies to me. I listen to Diana Krall,
    Alison Krause & Union Station, Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Eva Cassidy, Dead Can Dance, Dave Matthews Band and Natalie Merchant

    I have receiver- DENON AVR-4800
    speakers- PARADIGM MON 9 (2)
    speakers- SNELL E-5 (2)
    center- BIC dv62clr
    cd- ARCAM 72T
    dvd/sacd- ???

    I am going to make the system all Paradigm or all Snell very shortly.
    Also taking reccomendations on a good DVD/SACD
    player for around $600 as well. New or used.

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