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    How do Infinity Kappas compare to Paradigm etc?

    I was in Stereo Exchange in NYC today and listened to the Kappa 600 and really liked them. I was wondering how they compare to some of the other popular speakers in and around that price range, such as Paradigm, Polk, etc. I have listened to the Polk LSi and wasn't that thrilled with them. I never listened to any of the Paradigms. I was just wondering what people's thoughts are on the Kappas? My father has a pair of Ohm Walsh 5's but since I am moving into a NYC apt, I have neither the budget or space for such large speakers. I was thinking of doing perhaps the Kappa 200's with their center and a good sub for a music/ht system in the $3-4000 price range. I have an HK 525 receiver, dvd, changer that I got as a Christmas present. I am relatively new to HT lingo and stats.

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    I bought some speakers a few years ago and auditioned Polk, Infintity, and Paradigm. I went home with the Infinities. Polk just didn't sound good to me. The Paradigms were better than the Polks, but still didn't have the sound I was looking for. The Infinities fit my needs and price range. I ended up with the lower end of the Infinites (the Entra series) and haven't been sorry since. Infinity uses the same cone material in there lower end speakers as they do in there higher end speakers. So if it were me and I could afford the Kappas, I would snag them up in a heartbeat. In the end, let your ears decide for you.

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