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    Question Help on the surround speaker, thanks!

    I recently got a pair of YAMAHA NS-A835 speaker. I want to set them as surround speakers. Because I have already have POLK R50 as front speaks. I just want to build a starting surrounding system and wondering if the YAMAHA speaker can match my POLK speakers? These YAMAHA speakers are a very old model (or maybe cheap) and I can not find any information about them. Does any one have expericence with them? thanks for any advice! If these YAMAHA speakers can not match my POLK R50, I have to get rid of them.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Why don't you hook them up and see if they match well? If they're for surround duty timbre matching speakers isn't as important. Did you get these for free or did you buy them? If you got them for free, hold on to them and use them as surrounds for a while. Sae up your money for a nice subwoofer if you don't have one. If you already have everything else, THEN you can sell the yamaha's and get the matching Polk speakers.


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    Thanks a lot. I just use them for surrounds. I bought them for several bucks. I just began to build the system and did not have subwoofer and center speaker yet. Upon your suggestion, I will keep the YAMAHAs

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