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    Red face HELP NEEDED - Looking for a loud subwoofer with active outputs

    I'm just starting mobile dj'n off a push bike trailer, I live in the city and i plan on doing house parties to make some cash and very small events for now: just to get moving on it (have really nice appealing lighting) for sound it is abit different (heavy bulky speakers are no good off the bike trailer, i have planned that two bike loads is acceptible, one for the lights and one for the sound equipment (welcome to the recession, I'm new broke make do generation, i feel like I'm in New Deli or something :S with my sorta dj Rickshaw)

    What I have is portable active pa 600w with 8 speakers this has nice mids for a party, bass is range is small enough (fills my dance floor area with mid bass but no real "nuff" or kick)

    I have one pair of phono outputs left off my mixer

    What I wish to do now is to get an active loud Subwoofer 150w-250w for the "nuff" effect with its own amp that on its own amp its output could power

    200w stereo Piezo tweeters I have two boxes of 6 tweeters to shot the range of clear treble sound a long way viva their left and right phono input, over all with some short loud kick

    i think this system could be prefect as another system may be too bassy far off, annoying people talking not dancing (blaring people and the neighbours out of it is not great) so if i can find the woofer solution i think i'm laughing and not trying to out run the police on my push bike

    ANY IDEAS, thanks.. guys i'm feeling really puny and ill equipped right now.

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    This Cerwin Vega is good with 15" Woofer. It will shake anything

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    Thanks for the recommend, I was in a hurry and went got dual 200 Watts RMS speakers with optional sub bass and 400w amp double the kick but double the load too, ah well

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    check out electro-voice, they are well regarded for live sound applications - you may find what you're looking for...
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