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    Having Trouble locating B&W DM603 or 604 S3

    I currently have B&W DM604 S3 as my fronts and put off getting any rears. Now am trying to find some 604s or 603s as rears and I can't. I found a pair of beat up 603 floor models at Ken Cranes but I hate beat up equipment. I am in Southern California but don't mind paying shipping either. Anyone have some leads? Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by venkman
    Anyone have some leads? Thanks.
    While I cannot vouch for their condition, there are a number of pair on audiogon. You might take a look into those.

    Good luck.


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    I have no advice but I wanted to say I enjoy the Ghostbuster references.
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    I just love all this recent B&W talk!
    Here's their dealer locator link:

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