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    Has anyone used Sony's SA-WX700 sub.

    Has anyone used Sony's SA-WX700 sub. If so, how do you rate it for music and HT use.

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    Sony's speakers are pretty awful, subs may be worse

    Yamaha seems to have the best "cheap" subs that I've come across. There may be some of the internet brands that have some decent ones, but, I've never been too much on buying speakers before I've heard them. Just kind of seems strange to buy speakers you haven't heard. But most give you 30 days. At the $300 price point, you can start to get some pretty decent subs from some manufacturers. Yamaha has one with pretty good sound and really good output for the price. Energy has one that sounds really good but lacks the output. That seems to be the choice on the bottom end. The Sony, if it is the one I'm thinking of, has a lot of output, but it only plays one note. Just kind of drones along. That's the problem of a lot of cheap woofers, and some that aren't so cheap.

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