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    Has anyone used Infinity Primus P152 speakers?

    I was looking at consumerreports and these speakers seem to have received decent ratings and at par with some of the higher priced speakers.

    But I am not sure if they can offer a lot at $74. So just wondering if anyone has used these and how they compare with a pair of Paradigms?


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    I have the Primus 150's. They use the same drivers. They have a great sound for a set of $300 bookshelves. At $74, they are a bargain. A very clear and neutral sound. I am not sure how they compare to the Paradigms though. Sorry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMichael
    I have the Primus 150's. They use the same drivers. They have a great sound for a set of $300 bookshelves. At $74, they are a bargain. A very clear and neutral sound. I am not sure how they compare to the Paradigms though. Sorry.
    I completely agree. I have 2 pair of the 150s in my HT and they sound wonderful. Very detailed and neutral sounding. Not much bass, but they do what they are designed for and do it well. For that price, you cannot go wrong.

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    I have never used the primus line, "but I'm using the whole "Beta" line 50's,20's, & 360's IMO you'll do just fine with the "Primus" good luck.
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    I would not compare them to paradigm because I know for sure that you could not find a Pair of Paradigms in good quality for that price. If they get good ratings and the others on here like them then I would go with them for that price, I don't think you could get paradigm quality out of them but for that price you could outfit your whole house with them before getting to the price of a new pair of Paradigms.

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    I have a pair of P152's with a PC250 center and love the sound. They do not put out a lot of bass but I am using 2 emotiva ultra 10 subs to handle that. With HT or music I really like this system. My personal opinion is that they are well worth the price and sound just as good as bookshelf speakers costing quite bit more.

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    I have a pair also. They are a lil shy on bass. The surround is stiff and therefore has a highish box tuning. Maybe a LOT of break in time is required. The treble has some sibilance (hissy when and "s" is vocalized). Probably due to the tweeter crossed too low or more likely the aluminum woofed has a breakup node that didn't have a notch filter to tame it causing some harmonic distortion that propagates down lower in frequency. A common problem with metal cone drivers if they weren't designed properly or the crossover wasn't done correctly to deal with the breakup. Generally metal cone drivers are the cleanest within their passband as long and their weakness (breakup node) is dealt with in the crossover. I may play around with the speakers in Soundeasy and redesign the crossover. Not a bad speaker though. Fine for H.T. or surrounds. Ok for main if a sub is used and you don't mind the slight harshness. 3 out of 5 for the price category. Mine were free, so no reasonable complaints. Just knit picking.

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