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    Has anyone auditioned the Infinity Modulus speakers?

    I read in CNET where it got the editors' nod for best HT theater package in the $1500 range. I was wondering how it compares to Bose (gag) since my friends and I would like to give a friend of ours a wedding gift. He wants a decent HT system and we thought we'd all get together and get him something in that price range. He apparently heard the Bose somewhere and likes it but didn't think it had enough bass. His room size is 16x20 and just wants something decent. He is about a 60/40 HT to music ratio. The problem is that there isn't anywhere here I can audition them and he knows absolutely nothing about speakers or anything electronic so it would be a blind purcahse based on recommendations. I know this is not a very good way but it's all I've got to work with given time constraints. Thanks for any input.

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    I too would like to know about these as I've been looking at that system, the Paradigm Cinema HT and the PSB Alpha series in particular. Anyone have any experience with these systems??

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