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    has anybody heard Morel Mlp 403.5 speakers?

    I was looking at this speaker online..they have them on sale for 549.00 a pair.
    Any comments?.

    Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by knac67
    I was looking at this speaker online..they have them on sale for 549.00 a pair.
    Any comments?.
    I am not familiar with this specific speaker. I'm familiar with Morel's raw drivers and I can tell you that they make some very good tweeters. If you are looking for a slightly warm speaker (the opposite of a slightly bright speaker) that is pleasant to listen to for long periods of time, then I think that these are likely to be a good bet. I would note the very short 7 day refund policy. If you order these, you need to be prepared to break them in and give them a thorough audition soon after they arrive.

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    As bargainseeker said, Morel makes some fantastic drivers, used in many high-priced popular audiophile speakers, and typically their speaker kits are top notch - a great way to save a lot of money if you have time and a bit of skill, but little cash to invest.

    I've not heard this particular speaker you are considering, but I have heard that same tweeter in a variant of a speaker I is very detailed yet soft, and not fatiguing. I'm considering buying it to swap it with the NorthCreek tweeters I have now.

    To build these speakers I'd estimate a raw material cost of over $450, not to mention the time involved...This appears to be a pretty good deal. I highly doubt you'd find a commercial speaker for $595 with drivers of this quality in them. You've got me interested now.

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    You might want to do some research over at There was a pretty extensive and informative thread on these speakers around the November/December time period. Hope this helps.

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