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    Happy Birthday Acoustic Research

    This month marks the 50th anniversary of AR. Hey Skep, I'm surprised this isn't your thread!

    Though the AR of today doesn't bear the spiritual leadership of the years past, it is nevertheless quite a milestone to say you've been around for half a century. No complete discussion of the evolution of home audio would be without inclusion of Ed Villchur's contributions. The first serious speaker I lusted for at age thirteen (1970) was the AR-3a. My brother's boss had a pair driven by McIntosh amps. Waay cool back then. Although I never ended up buying the 3, I did have Advents for several years back in the 70's and I recently bought a used pair for the garage system. Naturally, Kloss could not have been so successful with the Advent (some say had a better overall balance than the 3a) without Villchur having paved the way for the acoustic suspension design.

    Hat's off to an innovative company!

    Classic AR pages


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    I'll second this thread. AR was a pioneering company that paved the way for many others. I've owned AR's, Advents, and KLH. (still have the latter)!
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