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    getting new speakers, need help

    Hi there

    Looking to get some bookshelf speakers, 2 channel setup for a small room, will be listening to a lot of rock/metal/electronic type music. I was recommended to check out Klipsch and was told to look into horn-loaded speakers, was at a shop today and tried to test out Klipsch RB-61 but they didnt have it there instead they had RB-51 which didnt sound all that great, the person there showed me Boston Acoustic HS60 and they sounded pretty damn good, bigger soundstage, more punch, also tried out B&W 685 which also sounded good, the RB-51 just sounded dull compared to thoes speakers, my question is do you absolutely must have horn-loading for metal/electronic type music? What other speakers should I check out? Budget about $900.

    My setup will be,
    CD Player: Yamaha CDX-397
    Integrated Amp: Yamaha AX-497
    Interconnect: QED Qunex 1
    Cabling: QED Genesis Silver Spiral
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    Paradigm Studio 20 gets my vote.. I'd also audition Totem Rainmaker's

    What is your setup? The Rainmaker's will absolutely shine with a strong CD player and integrated amp

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