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    Same mnfr. for front/center/rear?

    I'm researching front speakers to finish out my home theatre (actually I still have to get a sub but that will have to come later.) I desperately need new fronts. I have a Klipsch Synergy III C-1 center. I'm also thinking of replacing the rear L/R Bic Venturis with rear L/R Klipschs Synergy Series. I listen to more music than H/T (probably 70/30) and was wondering this. If I decide that I like the stereo sound of B&W (or some other manufacturer) for music better than the Klipschs, how screwy will it be to have front L/R B&Ws and Klipsch center and/or rear speakers?

    Also, let me know if you think this post would be better suited for Home Theatre or other forum.
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