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Thread: ESS Heil Elite

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    ESS Heil Elite

    What would I be looking to spend on a pair of ESS Heil elite a friend of mine swears by them and I am trying to get an idea. Any and all help would be much appreciated.

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    The real question is, do you swear by them? Never rely on any ears but your own.
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    You do realize they are out of business and have been for some time? I don't know if support is still available or not. They are decent speakers though. I get the feeling they require some juice, I heard a pair driven by a Classe' integrated and the combo sounded great. I heard them with a Rotel power amp and really no bottom end to speak of. I'm assuming a lack of current. You'd have to check or Ebay to find any. There are plenty of good speakers from companies still in business and that is the way I'd recommend going. ESS was one of the remaining companies still using large woofers in a higher quality speaker. If memory serves also one of the few that used sealed enclosures.

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