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    energy C7 suitable for 5.1 & songs ??

    Dear friends ,

    I want to buy a speaker suitable for AV 5.1 & music , do u have any advice ?

    Thanks a lot .

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    Yesterday I auditioned the C7s and it's matching center for both HT and music. It sounded very good for both formats to me. However, right along side it I did a side-by-side comparison to Kef Q7s and their matching center. For the taste of both my wife and myself, we prefered the Q7s. It only gets more confusing though. I went out later in the afternoon and listened to Monitor Audio Silver S8s (did a side by side listen with Paradigm 11s that the salesmen did not reveal to me which was which until after I decicided which I liked best). I really liked the sound of these Silver S8s and now wish I could just compare the Kev Q7s alongside the Silver S8s in the same kind of blind test.

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