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    Elite iPod Stereo Wireless Speaker Networking:

    Hi! I want each room in my house equipped with wireless speakers, with their own remote, all run off my ipod. Is this possible?

    In one room I would like to have my ipod on some kind of dock that transmits to wireless speakers all around the house.

    I have a huge 5 bedroom house with upstairs and downstairs, so the transmission has to be strong.

    There should be a remote in each room to adjust the volume for the speakers in that room.

    Is there any system that can do this?

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    I've never tried this, but you may want to research solutions like Sonos:

    I can't say if this is a good solution or not, have never heard her for myself. Let us know how it goes!

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    how much do you want to spend?

    would you mind using your computer instead of your ipod?

    the easiest solution i can come up with is 5 apple airport express' with 5 stereos of your choice. this would let you run as many or as few of the rooms as you want.

    here's the link:

    this would give you the flexibility of choosing the quality of the sound equipment. you could go either full blown receiver+speakers or just powered speakers.

    where possible, use the optical output of the airport, the sound quality is better than the optical out.
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