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    Driving Pioneer HPM-100s

    I just picked up a pair of Pioneer HPM-100s, (en route from NY currently). What is the best way to drive these speakers? I either want to do it really cheap, or save a bit and do it right. My primary concern is getting enough power to let these guys really sing.

    Thanks for you help, and currently I would be running this pair in Stereo, not part of a surround sound...would a receiver be the way to go, or an amp, pre-amp set up be preferable.


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    To really come up with a correct answer, I need some more information.
    1. What is the speakers sensitivity?
    2. What is the speakers nominal impedance? Also, how low does its impedance get, if specified?
    3. How big is your listening room?
    4. How loudly do you like to listen to your music?
    5. How much money are you willing to spend on this endeavor?
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