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    Does anyone have OHM speakers, spec, the sat sub system?

    I was wondering if anyone has these and can give me review of them. I have their sound cylinders and my father has the Walsh 5 and those speakers are just awesome (IMHO) I just moved to an apt and their sat sub system looks good but I am not sure of the sound since the Walsh and Sound Cylinders have the coherent line source technology. I am not sure how much effect that has on the sound, but I love them!

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    I'm sorry, guess I'm like your dad....

    I've three sets of Ohm Walshes F's, 4's and 2's but none of the new stuff. Hey, they have a money back trial period, give em a listen, if you don't like em ship em back. I love my Ohm's personally....

    Da Worfster

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