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    DIY Subwoofer- other recommendations?

    I building a new HT in my family room and heard about DIY kits for a subwoofer. I've heard a few people mention Parts Express and various Titanic MKIII subwoofer kits. Here's the 10" specs-

    I am wondering if anyone has experience with the quality of this sub. I've never done anything DIY with audio equipment so I'm a little hesitant- especially because I can't audition it before I buy it.

    I would like to spend as little as possible for this sub ($350 max) since this is for an additional HT, but of course get as good of quality as possible.

    I currently use a Def Tech PS80 in my main HT and I'm happy with that- some say it's too small, not deep/tight enough, but it sounds good enough for me!

    Any information is appreciated!

    As always, thank you!

    P.S. The room this is going in is a carpeted lower level family room- about 12x18. It only has one door opening in the rear of the room.
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    I'd give this a serious look. Great sub, already built, costs less...

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    check my posting in the DIY area.

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    I didn't even know there was a DIY section out here- the things you learn! Thanks, I'll take a look!!

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    You may want to consider building from scratch as well. There are plenty of freeware programs available (winisd) that can show you all you need to know about box spec/tuning. All you need is a reputable sub within your budget and the T/S parameters (though many are included in the softare). Basic woodworking skills will bring pretty good results.

    I went this route last year and built a ported isobaric sub that's -3bd@22.5hz using drivers and scrap materials I had laying around. Great for HT use.

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    Adire Audio

    Adire Audio includes plans for DIY subwoofer enclosures that work for their drivers. I made one of the enclosures for the Tempest with two 15" passive radiators and it is an amazing sounding setup.

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