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    danes fought the brits, beat the brits, and this is what i bought

    hello all! thanks for input on message "danes vs brits". i finally found a shop that carried both line (TO ALL: THIS IS A VERY VERY GOOD IDEA). And after doing a/b tests between 52's and 705's i decided to try out the 52se. Ok, deal was done. in the bag. The 52 se provided the best of both worlds: clear, crisp highs like the 705's and the mellow non-fatiguing sound of the 52's. Weird thing was hearing the 52's and the 52se's a/b was like companring two different speaker companies! For a moment i thought the 52's were missing a tweeter!!! If any can listen to the 52se then do so. Try a/b them with the 52. You will be shocked every time a symbol or tophat chimes (or doesnt in the case of the 52).

    I got the Marantz 6400 for them. I am starting with 2ch but intend to build to 5.1 later on. I know youre probably thiking "the 6400???? with dyn's???" but i got it for $560 which is a better price than the Rotel 1055 for $1100. Right? I hope i am not sacrificing juice by going cheap on an a/v receiver. And, as always, i am open to suggestions.

    Again, thanks to replys and "happy listening to all"

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    Congrats sounds like a good system is brewing. You can always add a power amp to the Marantz should you wish...plenty of excellent used power amps out there.

    Power amps are the safest used buys because there are no moving parts and they have VERY HIGH depreciation which is good for you. I would never buy a new power sense in it.

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