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    Creative T40 vs Logitech Z523 vs SP-HF1800A or even others? Please help me choose!

    hey everyone,

    I am about to replace a really cheap 2.1 system that I was using for my laptop for more than 2 year. I have recently bought a projector for my small room and I would like to have nice set of speakers with it that will play me some movies, series and occasionally some music.
    I would not like to spend too much money on it though as I only rent the room and will plan to move in the near future, so I was thinking around 40-80 for it.

    (I was thinking about 5.1s as well but since the source is just one 3.5mm from the laptop I heard I can only have stereo from it. Tell me if I'm wrong!)

    So I was thinking about 2.1 and 2.0 systems as I heard that in some cases 2.0s can be better even without subwoofers.

    So here are my choices:

    Logitech Z523 - 50 - Logitech Z523 Speakers - Black: Computers & Accessories

    Microlabs Fc360 - 52 -

    Creative Gigaworks T40 Series II - 75 - Creative Gigaworks T40 Series II Multimedia Speakers: Computers & Accessories

    Genius SP-HF1800A - 47 - Genius SP-HF1800A 3 Way Wood Hi-Fi Speakers: Computers & Accessories

    Larger ones
    Microlabs SOLO6c - 75 - Microlabs SOLO6c System Audio 2.0 Speaker - Wooden Case: Computers & Accessories

    Behringer MS20 - 75 but USED! - Behringer MS20 Digital Monitor Speakers: Musical Instruments

    Edifier R1900 TII - 80 - Edifier R1900 TII Studio 2.0 Monitors. [E5031]

    Please advise me which one would be the best for me or if there are better alternatives I am happy to hear from them.

    Thanks a lot in advance guys!
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