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    Center Channel speaker and Subwoofer Purchase ideas.

    I have a Denon AVR 484 Receiver.
    2 Energy C-1 Bookshelfs for my front speakers.
    2 paradigm Titan bookshelfs for my rear speakers.

    My listening room dimensions are: ~ 15' x 15' with hardwood floors.
    This room is open to the dining room measuring the same size (give or take).

    Im in the market to finally get a center channel and a Subwoofer.

    Center Channel: I've been told by sales people that its best to stay with the same brand as the front speakers when shopping for a center channel. In my case I'd be looking at an Energy center channel? What would you guys recommend for my situation? I would prefer to stay under $300 hundred.

    Subwoofer: Since my place is not too big, a 15" or 12" might be too big, I'd prefer a 10" or ven an 8" subwoofer. While I like to hear the 'big canons' I'd prefer to hear a less muddy sound, since music is 70 percent of my usage.

    If I should need to provide more detail info for a better recommendation, please let me know.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Center channel

    Klamond For center channel at your budget would be the Connoisseur CC1 and for subwoofer would be S10.3 by Energy around $650 Canadian .Energy and Paradigm are compatable to each other .You might look at floor model at a great discount.If you are in Canada I kwow a place that always have floor model on sale.Pat.P

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