I was just about buying a HTiB until I heard polk, canton and paradigm speakers. HTiB (onkyo 760, and all the others i've heard) sound horrible comparing to any of those speakers.
Paradigm were a little too bright for me, I liked polk better, but canton definitively is my personal favourite. The best sound i've ever heard and superb build quality, i'm absolutely impressed (and i heard the "budget" series!). Canton speakers are on sale right now on the store i saw them, I'm not going on vacations anymore, all the money will be spent in speakers
Now i'm getting a receiver with 2 canton speakers (front towers) since i can't afford more for now.
The speakers i heard were LE 109 (2 * 8" woofer, 7" midrange, 1" tweeter)
Does anyone know if the LE 107 (7" woofer, 7" midrange, 1" tweeter) will sound 109-like? what differences should i expect besides less bass? should i go for the 109's?
Also, I have around $500 for a receiver, what would you suggest for those speakers?

Thanks for yor advices, if i wouldn't come into this forum a few weeks ago i would have ended with a crappy HTiB system.