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    Can Onkyo TXNR801 drive B&W DM603 Speakers ?

    Hi everyone,
    I"m a newbie as well. I have an Onkyo TXNR801and i was thinking about picking up a pair of B&W DM603's to use as my main front speakrs. I was just wondering if i'm asking too much of the Onkyo or will i get a good sound with them? Right Now I have JBL g500 for the front. JBL for center and bose 301 for the back. If the onkyo will do the trick i do plan on upgrading the back to DM603's or another B&W equal as well, at a later date. For now I'dt just move the G500's to the back. I do listen to 5.1 DVD audio and 5.1 movies most of the time. oh, I do plan on picking up a B&W FCM8 center at the same time so the front 3 will match better in my HT. That's a good idea, right?

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    It should be fine. Just getting rid of those Bose speakers should upgrade your sound quality by tenfold.

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