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    can I convert sub from powered to passive

    a few years ago i bought a 10"Dalhquest powered sub from The price was right at $100, but no warranty. (some of you may remember the deal)

    Well, sub worked for a few days and then stopped. i removed the amp and everything is plugged in and looks fine (i'm no EE). I ran basic sub cable to it from the receiver's sub out'. It's been in the basement since.

    Can i bypass the built-in amp and have my receiver (HK 525) power it? . Or, purchase a separate amp to power? fyi, I cannot solder, but have some skills

    Thanks for any help??

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    You can't just go through the amp I don't believe. Could You take the amp out and get a piece of wood and drill that into the amps place?

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    What are the dimensions of the rear plate amp? the specs? You could probably buy a replacement plate amp which would be ideal...built in xo, phase, etc.
    You could convert it into a passive sub using an external amp as well if interested.
    I'd avoid wiring to a receiver directly though, no matter the brand.
    Chances are the woofer isn't soldered to the amp either...might just be spring clips, ya never know though.

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