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    Can I bi-amp my speakers?

    Hello guys/gals,

    I'm very new to A/V equipment, but have just received a bunch of stuff for Christmas.

    I have this receiver: VSX-821-K - NEW 5.1-Channel 3D Ready AV Receiver | Pioneer Electronics USA

    I have these speakers: Polk Audio RTi4 (Black oak finish) Bookshelf speakers at

    I realize the Polks allow for bi-amping. I am just trying to figure out if bi-amping the two Polks is going to work with a 5.1 receiver.

    I am just looking to run a 2.1 setup ( two speakers and a sub) for my home gym. Right now, I am only using channel "A"(speakers) and channel "B"(subwoofer).

    With this setup, my "surround" is not being used. I figure that could be hooked up to my speakers, doubling the power.

    Am I correct? Will this be too much power going to the speakers?

    Anything else I should know?

    Thank you very much in advance,


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    True bi-amping is not just using two amps to drive your speakers. It's much more involved than that. The dreaded passive crossovers inside your speakers must be bypassed to gain any sonic advantage. Here's an article explaining this most misunderstood topic.

    Bi-Amping: Pleasure or Pain?

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    You would not be biamping using A/B speaker terminals, it would be bi-wiring and it's debatable if that's worth the trouble, depends on what you read. Bottomline you have to try. Although true biamping would require external crossovers to do it correctly the speaker companies provide two sets of terminals on certain models and call it "biamping". Even to be called biamping using a speaker internal crossover you still need two separate amp sources. Sothe answer to your question is, no.

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    I ended up hooking up the A channel to the top speaker terminal, and the B channel to the bottom terminal.

    From what I can tell, sound has improved.

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