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    BW DM-303 No Magnetic Shielding

    Folks :

    I am about to buy BW DM-303 for my home theatre. I read many reviews and it says BW DM-303 are not magnetically shielded ! In this case, will the picture on my TV be distorted if I place these speakers next to my TV ?

    I would like to listen to crisp and very bright treble & clear sound. Should I go with BW DM-303 or you guys could suggest other brands ? Thanks


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    How close are you going to put the speakers - my Wharfedales are not magnetically shielded and they have massive 20lb+ woofer magnets - I have them less than a foot from the tv - never had any problems - I also had the DM 302 near the tv and never had problems.

    I think it's more of a concern for people who use center channels and place them ON the tv which could pull the colour guns of the tv. most tv's have a degausing feature to alleviate these problems - so if you place the speakers a foot away you really should not have a problem.

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    If you are considering the DM303, then you will do well to look at the Kef Q1, which is a considerably better speaker in many ways, its wide dispersion alone makes it a superior home theatre speaker, and it is also magnetically sheilded.

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