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    I bought aqoustic research liquid cooled speakers some 25 years ago. From what I have heard they could be white van speakers but if that is so they sure looked good and sounded good for 25 years. My problem is the red reset button on the back. It has made the speakers quit working, If I hold the button in they work. I have been to best buy, Ovation,radio shack and no one knows where I can get more reset buttons. Anyone know of anything that will help?

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    Yep, are you close to a roof? Drag those badboys up there and throw em as far as you can...

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    No, Acoustic Research did make good speakers such as the legendary AR-9. They went out of business some years back and like many famous brand defunct brands like Sansui or Akai, the names were sold and now branding Chinese cheap crap for the most part.

    If you aren't hard on the speakers, like, my amp goes to "11", I'd go into the cabinet and bypass the protection on each speaker. Those are just reset buttons as part of a protection circuit.

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    I know of no AR speakers that had reset buttons on the rear. I remember a store that sold like name speakers to the unsuspecting. Speakers such as ARx, or a version of KLH such as Klh.
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    OK, I'll bite... even though you should get new speakers. Those don't sound like AR's.

    Find a screw as long as the range of motion on the reset button. Use the screw to push the button all the way in, then affix the screw in place using tape or whatever is available to you. This will hold your reset button in, hopefully for another 25 years. Enjoy.

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    Get some super glue and glue the button in the in position.
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