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    Bose 901 series VI Concerta

    Has anyone heard of these? My dad bought a pair in Germany and he believes they are a limited edition. They are encased in a black acrylic just like you would find on a grand piano.

    Anyways, he has put me in charge of selling them because he's doing home theater and these aren't so great for that. I'm trying to figure out what they might be worth

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    Try putting the Bose on ebay. Just put a reserve for the lowest amount you're willing to take. Chances are you'll get close to what they are worth on there. If they are a special edition (though I'm pretty sure you could buy the black laquer finish 901s here before), they'll sell for a premium over the regular 901s.

    If you prefer a local sale, try or You probably won't get as much on these two as ebay though.

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