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    Question BIG Fight in BEST BUY Floor Speakers AS-F2s vs NS-777!

    I'm looking to purchase some new speakers. I have considered the Athena AS-F2s or the Yamaha NS-777. I was also considering purchasing the matching center channel. The costs are about the same along with the specs. Just looking for a recommendation from you Audio experts . Hope to hear from you soon.

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    Looks like you want to spend $500ish on a pair. Have you considered looking at offerings from B&W, Dynaudio, PSB, or Paradigm? Are you open to factory direct models? What about used speakers? Bookshelf speakers okay?

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    I think Athena's got better materials for their drivers...the cone is stiffer when you try to push the speaker with your hands than the Yamahas; usually a stiffer cone translates to accuracy, and I don't dig the transparent cone(Pyramid Originals have clear poly cones, and they are one of the cheapest woofer you can buy).

    However if I was you, I'd buy something from eBay or can get great deals from a honest dealer.

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    Where's option 3?

    3) Avoid Best Buy and visit a real audio store. You'll get a far better speaker for the money. If your town is big enough for a Best Buy, they'll have a real audio store somewhere.

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