Recently purchased a bic v1220 sub to match an all bic speaker system (3 bic 62 clr speakers in front and 2 bic 62 bookshelf speakers as surrounds) matched with an hk225 receiver. The sub was so inexpensive (under 200 with shipping) that I felt I couldn't go too wrong especially after being so pleased with the other bic speakers. All in all I am happy with the setup, but I don't know if I should be looking to upgrade the sub to one of the 10 inch hsu subs I've read so many great things about. The main (90%) use of the sub would be HT. Was hoping someone who has tried/tested/listened to these speakers could advise if if is really worth going ahead with an upgrade. Would it be a knock your socks off improvement or just a little improvement? I don't have that much experience with
quality subs. It would be nice to be able to do an a-b comparison but I just don't have that option. I have heard that bic and hsu are in some kind of cooperative venture, I wonder if there is that big a difference in the products?