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    Better Bass from Mission 731 bookshelf speakers

    Hi, my mission 731 speakers are placed in my room and I unfortunately don't have the space to put them on stands. They are on granite slabs atop a solid wood shelf. The bass is quite good on some tracks/CD's that I play but was wondering if there were some little tweaks I could do to improve the bass? One of my friends told me to fill the back cavities in the speaker with polyester stuffing, there are six square cavities that go deep in the back of the 731's. Would this help the bass? Cheers

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    If the 6 holes are the ports I would think that to decrease bass, a ported speaker needs the ports to produce the bass it's designed to. The cabinet volume, port size and driver specs are all considered when designing the speaker, so plugging them would not be good. Sometimes it's done to eliminate boom if the speakers are in a tight space.

    You could try moving the speakers closer to the corners, closer together or toe them in, other words play with position for better response.

    The main thing all recordings are not equal so therefore not all will have big bass, the fact that you get good bass on some recordings has me to wonder if you have a problem at all. If all your recordings sound the same, then, you have a problem.

    Of course, the obvious thing for more bass would be to add a subwoofer if you have room.

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    I agree with Mr. P, don't plug the ports. Also, try pushing the speakers to the corners of the room if possible.
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    Thanks so much for directing me on the right track Mr P and Blackraven, yes it's only on certain CD's and the better recordings are giving crisp bass, so it's the quality of recording that was the problem that I didn't notice before. Thanks alot, problem solved cheers

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    You could try moving the speakers closer to the corners, closer together or toe them in, other words play with position for better response....???

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