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    Best Tower speakers below 1000 dollars

    Please mention 5 choices for best audiophile quality Tower speaker for Rock and jazz below 1000 bucks range from your personal listening experience.

    I appreciate it.

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    One question....

    New or used?

    Da Worfster

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    Monitor Audio RS6. They are actually $1100, but can be had for less than $1000 online. They are also about to get much cheaper since a replacement line is soon to be released...

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    Well in addition to the Monitor Audio mentioned above, these are some popular brands I have had in my home that I can vouch for (they are very different sounding, though):

    - NHT Classic Four (new), if you don't mind the fingerprint-magnet-effect
    - Quad 22L (used)
    - Totem Arro (new), Staff (used)
    - Dynaudio Audience Series (used)
    - Polk Audio LSi15 (used)
    - Focal-JM Lab Chorus series (used)
    - Klipsch RF series

    On the more exotic side, I have been very impressed with these brands:

    - Odyssey Audio
    - Meadowlark
    - Talon Audio
    - Magnepan
    - MB Quart
    - Triangle

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFusionofSightandSound
    Check out Leon Speakers Profile Series. They may be slightly more than you are wanting to pay but are by FAR the best bang for your buck. You can google Leon Speakers or go to The last time i tried leaving a link for that website it was marked as spam and deleted. But hopefully this time it wont. So check out that site and you will find what your looking for.
    Sorry, pal, but if it talks like spam and walks like spam, it is spam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pokerking
    Please mention 5 choices for best audiophile quality Tower speaker for Rock and jazz below 1000 bucks range from your personal listening experience.

    I appreciate it.
    PSB Image T65s or if placed in a smaller room, T45s

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    I own the Monitor BR5's which, along with the BR6's can be had for under $1000. Very good speakers for the money IMO. VERY neutral and quite refined for the money. I listened to the silver line, but honestly did not hear a lot of difference for the extra money. Maybe its just me though, as they do seem to get recommended a lot.

    The BR5's at least, work best with a sub. Bass is a little weak for my tastes with most music types.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 3db
    PSB Image T65s or if placed in a smaller room, T45s
    I'm also in the market for new speakers and gave the T45s a real good listen a few nights ago and liked what I heard. Very nice speakers for the price.

    Also in that price range I listened to the Paradigm Monitor 7s. They were a little bright for my taste but incredibly clean sounding. If you lean towards the bright side check them out. Ticketed at $900 Canadian (I'm sure that I could get them for less) they are a great speaker for the price.

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    A pair of Dynaudio 52s with the right amp will out perform a lot of so called Tower speakers.
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    B&W DM-603, JBL L-100s on a nice set of stands,JBL 18-TI also on a nice set of stands. The smaller speakers like the jbl 18-ti or a nice set of paradigms on stands will outperform the big tower speakers, and are more versatile for placement. just my .02 cents worth

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