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Thread: B&w Dm602

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    B&w Dm602

    What do you all have the crossover set at?

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    I think most people using a/v receivers have the cross over set at 80hz. j

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    Do a frequency sweep and choose the setting with the smoothest transition ;-)
    Lots of music but not enough time for it all

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    Typically you will either be at 80 or 100....rarely is it much different, but go with what Florian suggestion just to see.

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    When the sub is in use for music,the crossover is set at 50,for everything else 80.


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    80's a nice figure for Home Theater...If you're using it for music alot, you might consider moving it a bit lower. Even 10 Hz down to 70Hz will cause the bass to roll off alot sooner, (your sub is playing frequencies above the crossover point). All depends on the order of the crossover in your receiver. If it's 24 dB/octave, 80 Hz is probably fine, I think NAD's all have the 24 dB/octave slopes now

    A lot of people will recommend low crossovers with subs, 40, 50 Hz, to help the sub lose its directivity. I'm sure it sounds good, but there's no reason a good sub at 80Hz won't also lose all directivity if setup right. I think the benefits of higher crossovers outweight the negatives - if your sub is up to the task.

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