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    B&W 601s3 or B&W 602s3

    hello guys!

    i got a new NAD integ amp last xmas, and i was able to save a few hundreds to finally decide on buying new speakers to replace my wharfedale 8.2s.

    which of the two B&Ws do you think should replace the 8.2s? is the extra payment for the 602s worth it especially when i primarily use my system for audio?

    is it correct to say that a few extra dollars wont hurt as much to get extra bass? if not, then the most plausible answer would perhaps get the 601s?

    actually im dead set on either of the two already so suggestions for other brands are quite not a part of the options now. wouldve wanted the epos 12 or the paradigm 20s but theyre just a tad too high for my budget.


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    At one time I had my 601's by themselves on my secondary stereo system in the living room. They sounded quite good, even my friends who aren't audiophiles commented on how good they sounded. Later I swapped them out for my main system and used my Paradigm monitor 7's instead. IMO the moniter 7's had a fuller sound because they extended lower in the bass region. So if your not using a sub then I think the 602's would be the better option, having a fuller sound. Now I haven't heard the 602's but if you demo them for yourself compared to the 601. You will likely draw the same conclusion. If you're using a sub however then I would go with the 601's.

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    I just auditioned the 601's3 and 602s3's about three weeks ago to match up with my NAD
    C352 integrated amp and my C521 CD player. Both sounded realy nice. I did a blindfold test with a A B switch and finally chose the 602s3. The detail and tightness is incredible for the price
    I am running a Boston Acoustics pv700 12" powered sub with them for a little added punch.

    You won't go wrong with the 602s3's in my opinion
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