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    B&W 303/601 vs Energy C1

    I like both of these brand of speakers...except they are not in the same store so I am having a great deal deciding these.

    Prices in CDN$ is as follows
    C1s $286
    601s $471
    303s around $380 im guessing after a bargin (the rest are alreaady discounted)

    please take into account the price.
    btw, use for music (all types - no rap).

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    Well it's a tough call is the 303 worth the extra $100 over the C1. Probably. But $380.00 seems excessive as well. I purchased the DM 302 a speaker I like better than the 303 for $300.00Cdn at Hi-fi Center in Vancouver.

    For $380.00Cdn you would probably be FAR better served going used. There are many people out there that have 8-10 year old speakers that were in the $2k range that would likely not get $400.00 for them now. My Wharfedale Vanguards were top of the line form the company back then and if I sold them I doubt I would get $500.00Cdn.

    Granted it's nice to buy new and all three are built well and will serve you for a long time and sound good compared to much of the competition. But you could probably pick up some used speakers that retailed for double your budget that are 4-5 years old. --might even get a small warranty remaining. Perhaps a 602S2 or 603S2 or a good Mission etc for $350.00-$400.00 Used.

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    I don't know about you guys...but I sorta have a fear getting used stuff.
    At the end I'm always afraid I'm getting something that isnt worth
    You know...hard to give a price to stuff that is used.

    BTW, RGA, I did check commercial electronics. Maybe it's my age but they totally ignored me. Took me 10 minutes to get any help in there. When I finally went to their used section, they didnt have anything i was interested in (mostly large towers, large subs, multichannel AV receivers). Hifi centre also didnt have very much used stuff at the time. Although I did learn a lot from one of the sales people there.

    I wish I knew someone who could give me some opinion about what is worth it and whats not. Most people I know just say I'm wasting money on [quote] "something that sits at home"

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    I'd be careful of what you LEARN at Hi-fi center since they seem to change opinions quite often. First they say to me tubes are not worth the hassle poor sound blah blah then a year later they're carrying tubes and are saying how great they are. Then they love Arcam but a few years later they lose the line to another store and are saying they don't like where Arcam is going and the sound is worse blah blah.

    Commercial Electronics is almost TOO low pressure.

    Playing the used market requires a lot of patience pure and simple...sometimes there are lots of things to get other times there's practically nothing. Ideally you want to know a head of time several pieces you would like to acquire. I wanted the Sugden A21a, a Bryston 2B LP, a YBA Integre among others...when I go looking I hope to see one. The Sugden A48B was close...$425.00Cdn the power light switch didn't work and it's a bit scuffed. 2 years now it's been great. It retailed for $2000.00 Circa 1992-1997 and sold in prior forms since the 1970s. Even if i had to get it fixed or CAPS replaced it would still run only a few hundred which would still mean I come out way ahead.

    Admiteedly it's easier with amplifiers which will typically last 20-50years. Speakers tend to need to be looked at at the 10-15 year mark...usually the surrounds which are cheap to replace and you're good for another decade or two.

    When I wen and traded my 302s for the Audio notes a person bought the 302s within an hour of me trading it in. He probably paid less than $225.00Cdn and the speakers while 3 years old I doubt anyone would think I hadn't just opened from the the box for the first time. I'm sure i'm not the only one who keeps gear in immaculate condition.

    I traded my Flagship Pioneer Elite receiver in and they couldn't believe it had evr been used.

    I certainly would never buy a used piece over the pay a bit more at a dealer and you don't get the selection you do on Ebay...but you get to try it out and listen before you buy.

    I saw a YBA Integre DT integrated being sold at Commercial Electronics for $1200.00Cdn - it retails for $2750.00US or close to $4kCdn. I still kinda wish I didn't pass it up.

    I get your fear of used speakers because some people could beat em up. I cannot however fathom why one would buy a brand new high end amplifier like a Bryston. Hell they come with 20 year transferable warranties so if you get a 10 year old 4BNRB(which many think SOUND better than the new ones anyway) for half the money - you still get a great warranty of 10 years remaining which beats most new stuff's warranty. There are no moving parts - it'll outlast the owner most likely.

    And buying new only delays the inevitable anyway. I bought a new Arcam Delta 290 and after the waranty a few problems did crop up...stripped a connector $5.00 and I would need it cleaned but I traded it.

    Anyway I'm blathering...You could send an e-mail to soundhounds in Victoria to see what they haveThey had a number of older higher level Energy speakers for around $500.00.

    Also check out those comparable JM Labs.

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    Naw...the stuff the sales guy told me wasnt what type of goods were good
    Instead he taught me what to look for when im looking for good music.
    You know how you know dont like something but dont know WHY you dont?
    well that guy taught me just that.

    I was thinking that I would get myself a used integrated amp for about 400-500 bux.
    But if I cant find it...then I suppose I'll go with my backup plan - Rotel RA-01

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