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Thread: Aural speakers?

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    Aural speakers?

    Hey everyone,
    My Uncle is in the process of buying a Bose Acoustimass home theatre system & is willing to give me his old Aural (brand) tower speakers. Has anyone here ever heard of "Aural" speakers?? I've seen them, so I know they exist...but I can't find ANYTHING about them online. I searched Google for "Aural" in many different ways & combinations, and couldn't come up w/ a thing. I just wanted to do a little research to get some info/reviews on these speakers. FYI: they're pretty old (1970's or early 80's?). It seems the company no longer exists. Please help! Any info. you can give would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    If he's giving it to you for free...whats the problem ?

    Secondly,,, Anthing is better than bose !!!!
    Take em, enjoy them.

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