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    Aperion Intimus 5T vs 633-T

    I am considering buying aperion tpwer speakers for my first system. I have heard Aperion intimus 5T and they sounded really great to me although I dont have much of experiece considering different brands. They fit in my budget as well.

    I am also looking at 633-T older aperion model. Any opinions?

    The receiver that will power these speakers will be 100w either Denon/Onkyo - yet to decide which one.

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    I've got both speakers

    I'd say that it depends on your room. For a larger room, I'd get the 633s and for a smaller I'd get the 5Ts.

    The 5Ts have a little smoother midrange than the 633s, but not the bass of the larger model.

    Either speaker should work well with your amp.

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