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    Any other speakers besides Ohm use Walsh technology?

    My parents have a pair of Ohm Walsh 5 speakers which I absolutely love, however, they are quite large for a NYC apt and I would like to get a speaker with similar sound characteristics. For those who've heard these speakers, is there anything similar on the market that's a bit smaller that would be comparable in sound? Someone had mentioned Vandersteens but I never heard them. And are there any other manufacturers that utilize the Walsh technology in their speakers? Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Talking I'm an Ohm owner...

    I understand what you're saying. I've Ohm Walsh F's (ver.2), Ohm Walsh 4's and 2's. I recently had to rotate the F's out of the spot as main's in my stereo Home Theatre because darling dear felt that "they were too large and obtrusive", and.. "pyramids are for the desert, not the living room". Sigh... I believe a german company makes a model similar to the Walsh tech called the "Windspheil" I think. But as I recall, they're not much smaller than your 5's. The only think I can think of is get a set of Walsh 2's and a good sub.

    Da Worfster

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    There certainly is:

    Jon Lane
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    Jon, have you listened to these speakers and if so, how do they compare to the Ohm Walsh and some of the other popular ones, such as, Dynaudio, BW etc

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