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    Any advice on JBL Creature IIIs?

    I've been offered a set of these speakers new for $65 and I'm wondering if any of you have experience with them - for the money, is that the best speaker set I can get?

    I want to spend no more than that price point - about $65 - and am using them pretty much exclusively with my laptop. Mostly V0 MP3s, and a wide range of music including flamenco, classical, and rock.

    Those things considered - is this a good deal, or are there other speakers I'd be better off getting for the price?

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    for that kind of money you are not likely to find much that is better in a powered speaker. I must admit that I have not studied computer powered speakers and don't know their price ranges very well but 65 dollars is not very much for any audio component and if they sound good then they will probably be ok. but I would look around and make sure they are what you want before buying.

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