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    advice on new speakers

    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking in to purchasing new speakers and subwoofer for my home theater system. I would greatly appreciate any recommendations on what to look at. I don't know much and, frankly, there are waaaaay too many different brands and models to even narrow down a search. I was looking at B&W but don't think I can do it on my budget. My budget is around 1,500 US but I'd consider spending 500+ more for something better or that would last longer. I'm an average user - once it's installed & configured odds are I won't play with it much. I watch DVD's and tv... listen to 80's rock via digital cable (Cox) and I have a DVR.

    The room is roughly 20' x 20' with high ceilings - it's an open floor plan. One wall behind where the tv is, one side wall, a 5' wall behind my couch. The tv is in a cabinet - the center channel will be 6" above it, the sub on the ground to the side next to a wall. The front speakers have to be mounted to the wall and the backs either on stands behind my couch or attached to a beam that's behind it about 10' off the floor.

    Currently have:

    Sony STR-DA3ES receiver
    Sony XBR 36" tv
    Bose Acoustimass 15 subwoofer & 5 speakers (I know, I know...)

    Again, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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    How about this 20-39PCi killer cylinder sub from SVS that has full 20hz extension for $599 found here:

    and match it up with 2 pairs of these Freedom F-1 mini-monitors from Tyler Acoustics ($525/pr.)

    and an FC-1 Freedom Center Channel ($350)

    Both can be found here:

    For 2K you would have a killer 5.1 system that will function nicely for both music and HT, IMO.

    The downside is both brands are Internet only (but both offer return policies).

    Good luck,

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    You have a 20x20 room, which gives you horrible bass nodes and standing waves. Please invest in some serious bass treatments to enjoy your new speakers. Square rooms are unfortunatly horrible.

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    I just tortured myself with the same problem and after a LOT of research on these boards and going all over town listening to dozens of speakers I settled on the following:

    Fronts: Paradigm Monitor 5's V.4
    Surrounds: Paradigm Mini Monitors V.4
    Center: Paradigm CC370
    Sub: M&K MK12SF

    I got them all for $2000 including tax.
    There were prettier speakers out there and some that might have sounded better (though I could not tell), but all cost significantly more. I almost went with Monitor Audio RS1's all around and a Monitor Audio RSLCR center, but really liked the Paradigm sound more and they were $300 cheaper. Good luck. It's confusing, but kind of fun checking them all out. Definately LISTEN to what you buy. It's hard to find Paradigms and Monitor Audio stuff. It was not in any of the big box stores in my town.

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    What you should consider is to have the $1500 solely for speakers and take the $500 extra you are considering to spend and use that for a subwoofer, which should always have its own budget. With that price, you could get a decent sub from SVS, Hsu, Velodyne, B&W, etc. Then, with the $1500 for speakers you could afford the B&W 600 line, or Polks, or Paradigm, as well as other brands that others may suggest. Good luck.

    Happy shoppinng.

    But also heed Florian's advice about room treatment for bass, etc.

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    listen to as many speakers as you can falling within you budget. you may consider the likes of B&W, paradigm, dynaudio, kef, energy, psb, mission, mirage, polk, jmlab, and many more. only you can decide which sound you like best.

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    If you're handy with woodworking and basic circuitry then check out this site....

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    Flo is definately right about those room nodes. Room treatments will be crucial for smooth bass. imatrout and accastil are giving you the goods about listening to everything you can lay an ear on. The ears should decide because "the ears decide".
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    Thanks to everyone for your responses. I'm going to check them out. Does anyone have any feedback on the Axiom speakers you see on these banner ads?

    I found a local dealer for B&W and had the opportunity to go in and listen today - excellent sounds! I'm looking at the following setup which is within my budget:

    Front: B&W 601's or 600's
    Center: B&W LCR60
    Rear: B&W LM1's or 600's
    Sub: Velodyne 3500

    Last weekend my DVD player stopped working... something else to research!


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    With the B&W's I would try and stay with the same speakers front and back - I prefer the 602S3 in the front and maybe the 600 in back or 601s all around. The 602 fills out the sound better -- it costs more but if you are buying a package then you should get them to reduce the entire package price by 20-30% Everything is negotiable.

    The 602 for example sells in Canada for $900.00. You can get them for $550.00-$650.

    Don't buy B&W stands as they're a ripoff. Normal room environments will reduce most room induced issues. Hang pictures have carpeting and dense furniture and you should be mostly ok. Bass traps are an option.

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