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    advice on inwall speakers

    I am trying to clean up the look of my living room. I bought a plasma tv and I am wanting rid of my freestanding Infinity Kappa 5.1 speakers. My wife has graciously allowed me to keep my Infinity 12" Sub. I need Front and center inwall speakers. I have seen that there are 2 basic types of speakers for in wall, One that has a 6.5 or 8 inch woofer and a tweeter. The other is the ones that have 2 6.5 woofers with a tweeter in the middle. My primary focus will be music, but I want to have a nice sound for HT as well. What should I look at?

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    Dynaudio IP-24's should be on your short list. Dali also has some good ones.
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    I have Paradigm in walls that sound great on a 2 channel system with a sub and I run them full spectrum. They have 6 1/2 woofers and metal tweeters. I understand the new Axiom Audio in wall / on wall speakers are very good. I also recommend the PBH in walls, they make one with two 6 inch woofers that sounds great. Get some sound deadening material to insert into the wall cavity to deaden the sheetrock. I got this special mat that sticks to the sheetrock, I cut it into pieces and reached in as far as possible to line the space. I forget the brand. It had a peel off sticky side with a deadener backing like Dynamat layered on tops is an acoustic absorbing foam.

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